Personalised and Tailored Customer Acquisition Solutions

Our Team At Need For Leads

Our expert team brings a wealth of experience over many years in the industry. With our expertise and proven methods, we are committed to delivering quality over quantity to help you realise your goals.


Nathan Lee, Founder & Managing Director- With over 20 years of experience in telemarketing management from a range of industries, Nathan started his career in his teens as a telemarketing consultant and went on to hold Senior Management positions in a variety of businesses. From start up businesses to managing established ones, Nathan understands the critical sales process that drives growth and increases revenue and has personally been responsible for developing and implementing sales systems and processes in the businesses he has started and managed which combined has resulted in sales revenue for clients of over $20m. Nathan understands that quality leads are crucial to achieving sales goals and knows first hand the importance of this in any business. Several years ago, he saw a need in the market for producing quality leads over quantity, having experienced poor quality leads first hand which led him to establish Need For Leads. He has developed a world class team of expert telemarketing and field marketing executives combined with strong senior leadership who deliver a superior service and consistently produce quality leads for our clients, day in and day out, leads that any business needs if they are to achieve their sales goals.

Memo Alsabaawi, Sales Director - As joint owner, Memo has over 15 years of experience in Call Centre inbound and outbound operations and management from set ups to start ups within Australian and off shore operations and full scale management at the senior level, Memo brings a great deal of hands on experience in many different industries and a superb grasp of the entire sales process. He is a seasoned leader in the industry with an uncanny know how ability in tailoring a campaign to reach any target market and achieving the results our clients need and knows how to close sales and teach others to do the same; his motivational and training programs have helped countless people succeed in their sales careers. The General Manager reports directly to Memo in coodinating of our campaigns and ensuring the goals are achived for our clients. He oversees the recruitment and development of key personnel and the creation and implementation of staff training manuals that ensures a quality and seamless service delivery. He also works closely with the CEO and GM in the management and implementation of the marketing of the business and knows how to get the results our clients have come to expect from us.

Hazem Sadek, Operations Manager - working closely with the Sales Director, Hazem has over 15 years in managing call centre operations including Team Leaders and brings a great deal of technical expertise such as data management and knowing how to choose the best data for a campaign and in disposition of the data and managing it. In addition, he has an expert understanding of our automated dialler and call recording functionalities along with a superior leadership ability to manage the managers, assist in training staff and ensuring the outcomes our clients require. He is a seasoned operator having started his career as a telemarketer and was always the top performer on all the campaigns he worked on which led him to become a most successful Team Leader that led him rapidly into the Operations Manager role. He knows how to ensure high call volumes and quality assurance are maintained at all times. 

Team Leaders and Campaign Managers - Team Leaders and Campaign Managers are assigned to every project we undertake in Field Marketing and Call Centre teams respectively, to ensure high levels of accountabilty and close management of targets. Our Managers have combined experience in managing various telephone and field marketing campaigns of over 40 years and are committed to the company promise of "Quality over Quantity" that has resulted in tremendous success for us and for all of our clients. All of our managers have at least 5 years of leadership experience in their respective roles to ensure there is no lack or lag in the leadership of our campaigns.

Sam Rastogi, Senior Field Marketing Team Leader - Sam brings a wealth of knowlegde and expertise to our business in the area of Field Marketing. Starting at the age of 25, he has set up and run numerous field marketing campaigns in the solar industry and in large telecommunications businesses. He was a top performer in all the campaigns he worked in and his track record in sales has resulted in tremendous results for the companies he has worked with. Sam's focus is on assisting in the set up of our field marketing campaigns, appointing and training Team Leaders, learning all the procedures and products of our clients and ultimatley establishing a smooth sales process to ensure targets are reached. Exceeding targets is what drives him and ensuring the absolute satisfaction of the sales objectives of our clients.