Personalised and Tailored Customer Acquisition Solutions


What results can we expect to see from using your services?

  • Guaranteed quality leads
  • Direct access to your appointment setter
  • Target guarantees in place to give you peace of mind
  • Develop, implement and execute strategies and provide ongoing support to ensure and safeguard your objectives
  • Provide daily reporting on all activity and appointments generated


This enables you to clearly identify the new accounts that we have been responsible for creating and calculate an approximate return on investment (ROI).

We are confident that you will be happy with the results we produce and our business is based on providing a measurable ROI.

As such, we provide a service where there is no lock in contracts and we operate on the basis that we are here to make you money.

If at any point you feel the service isn't for you then you are free to discontinue the relationship at any point.

How soon will you run my campaign?

There are a number of factors to consider first before kick starting your telemarketing campaign. These typically include the following:

  • The type of service being provided.
  • Initial training requirements
  • Data sourcing
  • Email & CRM set-up 
  • Availability of both parties.

The process of setting up the campaign often depends on how quickly your team is able to provide us with what is needed to run the campaign effectively. If the campaign is fairly straightforward we would typically be able to schedule your calling within a few days.  More complex telemarketing campaigns can take more time.

We will need to allow adequate time to undertake the necessary training to ensure we have enough product knowledge to produce the best results possible from the outset of the project and to:

  • Prepare the calling scripts
  • Prepare calling data
  • Set-up email access


We will require sufficient time to:

  • prepare the cold calling scripts
  • prepare data (e.g. your prospective new customer details such as name, title and phone number)
  • set-up email access (for us to send meeting confirmation emails to you and your prospect)
  • undertake the necessary training to ensure we have enough product knowledge to produce the best results possible from the outset of the project.

How do you know who to contact

This will depend on the type of service we are providing and who your target market is.

If for example, we are contacting previous customers of yours or following up from a seminar you've  held previously, then this is relatively straight forward;  assuming you have kept a customer database and you can provide us with access or export the data directly.

Sourcing new contacts from cold calling is more complex. If you are seeking to acquire new business with similar criteria to your existing customers, we will use the following to start with:

  • The internet
  • Yellow pages
  • Trade or business directories
  • Marketing lists purchased from specialist information providers.

We can work with a variety of contact information, however in our experience, unless you have the information readily available it is worth spending the money to purchase a contact list from a specialist supplier.

These details will be an absolute asset to you, the time involved in creating your own list can be considerable and it really isn't necessary to reinvent the wheel.

How do you control the conversation?

Although we always use a script to ensure that the call have structure and meaning, we aren't always able to anticipate how the person on the other end of the phone is going to respond.

However, with the right approach and remembering to keep composed, positive and professional as well as keeping the objective of the call in mind, our staff are experts in guiding the conversation to reach your objective.


Stages of the conversation

  • The first stage is to build rapport and trust which will create a high level of engagement between both parties.
  • The next stage (if we use an appointment booking scenario) is to create a desire for them to meet with us. This will be straight forward after gaining their interest in the first part of the call. It may also transcend into a lengthier dialogue involving drill down questions and answers to uncover their real needs.
  • The key is to answer their questions, demonstrate our knowledge and experience to address any concerns and then quickly move them back on track to the structure again. This way we can guide them back to the final part of the call which is the action stage where we can close for an appointment.

The key is to be confident and in control at all times.